Please leave a note to help us remember this special time in our lives. Thanks for celebrating with us!

Papa and G'ma

P.S. Love Special Ed's message.....he is right, you know - even if he does not understand RADISHES!!!!

Papa and G'ma

The wheels on the bus went round and round and round........and stopped at Clearwater Beach for a WONDERFUL time celebrating your wedding. Thanks for being yunz - and for being so SPECIAL!!!!

Michael Otis

Shelly and I will be thinking of you on your big day. Be each other's best friends. Always. Love and luck to you.

Special Ed

A great marriage is not when the ‘perfect couple’ comes together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences. LOVE XOXOXOX Heleyde and Ed

Edie Renton

I just had the best time on your Amazon registry site! Now Jack and I are looking forward to your big day. We have already put in the order for perfect weather!

Aunt Shirley

I am sooo excited to visit your wedding website!!! XXXOOOO

The Knot

Congratulations from The Knot! Best wishes for a happy planning journey and an amazing wedding. yours. truly.